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Independent Retailer Month02/07/2018

Independent Retailer Month


Independent Retailers

This month (July) is National Independent Retailer month, when visitors to town and city centres all over the UK are encouraged to support the shops, cafes and salons that aren’t part of national chains.

 Why buy from local independent store?

  • You’re doing your bit for Swindon’s economic wellbeing. For every £1 spent with a local independent business, between 50p and 70p is ploughed back into our local economy, giving it a boost and enabling more such businesses to prosper and grow. If you shop online or out of town, only 5p of that £1 will end up in Swindon.
  • Local shops don’t only add commercial value to our town – they add social value too. Independents aren’t bound by decisions made by head offices either in the UK or abroad, so can be flexible and responsive, creating bespoke experiences and variety to suit different tastes.
  • It’s the way of the future. A recent report by Which? says: “There may be a shift towards being a social centre rather than a commercial centre, but there will always be a high street.”


Here's the list of our varied and one of a kind Independent Retailers 

12th Dynasty Tattoo Studio

13 (Barberink)


AM Gifts & Collectibles

Aqua – G

Beauty Spot

Blood on the Tracks

Brogans Café


Franklin’s Sandwich Shop

Go Gym Stuff

Herbs & Health

Indy’s Vegan Kitchen

Incredible Comic Shop

Taste of India

Kateson Beauty Centre

Kingsley Smythe Home & Garden

Little Rock Shop

Maisha Yetu Fashion

McTaffs Tearooms

Print & Frame

Professional Footcare

Razor sharp

Red Ribbon Candles

Sew Elegant

Something Different

Soul Shack

Sweets Galore

Swindon Artists Forum

The Forum

The Pine Tree

Urban Thrift

White Horse Opticians