Warhammer Swindon is a company that makes and sells games and the models for them, and Warhammer, the Game of Fantasy Battles is just one of them. Our games, Warhammer included, are table top battle games.

You take command of an army of miniature models representing your soldiers, war machines and heroes and lead them into battle against an opponent, the table (or indeed floor) representing the battlefield. Using dice you decide the outcome of the fighting across the field of battle, leading your troops to victory.

However its more than just a game, many enthusiasts enjoy collecting, modelling, and painting the models just as much, or more, than gaming with them. The Warhammer Hobby provides hours of enjoyment and a healthy amount of good plain fun! Our store is fully equipped to show you how to make and paint a model, then use that model to lead the forces of your choice to victory in a battle!

All this is a free service we provide to anyone who has never tried this hobby before. We will then show you the best way to start your own army and play with your friends. Once you have your starter army you are welcome to book up for "Beginners" sessions on Sundays.

We will help you learn how to build, paint and play with your models. We provide advice, ideas and help to everyone day in, day out! We will inspire you daily with conversations in the store and our Facebook page.


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